Reading Resolutions 2019

It’s time to talk about my reading resolutions of 2019! In the interest of accountability, I’ll be sharing my reading goals for this year.

Reading Resolution #1: My GoodReads Goal. My GoodReads goal for this year is 52 books. I have had a 52 book goal for the last few years and I find it to be the ideal number because it is challenging without being impossible.

Reading Resolution #2: Read More Non-Fiction. My goal for this year is to read at least 12 Non-Fiction Books and review each of them on this blog. I consider myself a life-long learner and therefore reading non-fiction is very important to me. I also don’t see many reviews on other book blogs/bookstagram/booktube of non-fiction books so I want to be part of the solution by contributing more of my own reviews.

Reading Resolution #3: Use the Library (and Libby) More Often.  When I was little, I had a great love affair with libraries. My mother took me every week, and while I owned many books, the majority of  my books were usually library books. I want to make a firm commitment to using the library more for the following three reasons:

  1. Using the library more helps save money
  2. Using the library mitigates consumerism issues
  3. By patronizing the libraries, you help them continue to exist and stay operational for future generations. I am sure many of you believe (or know someone who believes) that libraries are going extinct, and part of how we can prevent this is by using them more often.

Reading Resolution #4: Spend More Time Reading and Less Time  Watching Television and Videos. Last year I spent an exorbitant amount of time binge-watching Netflix and Youtube. I also got Hulu for the first time which only exacerbated the problem. I love tv a little too much for my own good. I often use being tired as an excuse to watch videos instead of reading. This year I want to commit to only watching 1 hour (or less) of content per day so I can make more time for reading.

Reading Resolution #5: Write More Book Reviews. This year I really want to share my love of reading with other people (besides my family and boyfriend) and create opportunities to share the books that I love, so that other readers can discover them and (hopefully) love them too.


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